The Story of 2017 as Told by Selfies

However stereotypical it is, I’m a typical college girl who takes at least one selfie a day. Not only that but I also stereotypically change my hair style when I experience new phases in my life. Throughout 2017 my hair changed drastically multiple times. Why? Well, sometimes a girl just needs to shake things up! Yet, if you know me you know my hair was just one aspect of my look that I played with. I also experimented with a wide range of fashion styles. So, please enjoy a recap of my life in 2017 as told by my very best selfies.


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My year began like any other; through the eyes of Snapchat. At the beginning of 2017 I had just decided to move home after my first semester at Bethany Global University. When I decided I would not stay at Bethany to complete my education I also decided to dye my hair the chocolate brown in the above picture. Prior to that it had been my natural mousy brown color with bleached ends. (below)

AUGUST 2016 (Photograph by Anna Grace Protography)



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In February I didn’t drastically change my hair. However, I did allow it to grow out quite a bit. Finally, it was long enough again to put up in a studious looking ballet bun. This was very useful as I began my semester at the University of Wisconsin – Waukesha. Also, I spent this month experimenting with parting my hair in the middle. I’m so glad the middle part came back this year! In my opinion, it is the perfect way to frame cheekbones.


In March, I took on a new challenge that we all may remember from the 80’s: the perm. I confess, this was not my first time going through the process. My first perm was in the sixth grade and my second was my sophomore year of high school. However, the perm of 2017 was my best yet. One of the greatest trends of 2017 was naturalism. Ironically, by paying to make my hair have texture right out of the shower, I made it look like I was less concerned with my appearence!






April was a very busy month. I spent the Spring last year taking nine credits at my local community college and working part time at my first ever desk job as the Assistant Elementary Coordinator at Elmbrook Church. Since I spent most of April running between the two, this is the best selfie I have from that month. Still, this is my favorite lounge outfit for when I get down time or just need to get stuff done. Also, the caption totally reflects my aspirations for my future!









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May was really fun! I finished my job in Elementary ministry and returned to my summer job at Camp Vertical. In one of the above pictures my friend Sarah and I sported nearly identical examples of “camp fashion”. Also, mom and I took a Route 66 trip to St. Louis for my birthday! Throughout May, my curls began to relax from ringlets to looser curls. In the last picture, I even began scrunching them with gel to keep them looking bouncy. However, due to intentional hair care, my curls are intact to this day.


My selfies from June are some of my favorites because they show a much tanner Elise. However, my skin is not only tanner in the summer, it’s also significantly healthier. Last winter, I wasn’t taking any Vitamin D so, like many native Wisconsinites who rarely sees the sun through the snow, I became Vitamin D deficient. The way my skin glows in these photos just proves the importance of getting proper vitamins all year round.








In July, I began to get bored of my curly hair. Therefore, my favorite selfie from that month is one where I’d straitened my hair. However, one of the most notable pictures from July is the one on the left. If you compare it to the outfit photos from January you’ll notice that I’d lost a significant amount of weight since the beginning of the year! To anyone who doubts the success of New Year’s resolutions: If I can do it, so can you!









In August, I committed to attending the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in the Fall. In regular Elise fashion, as this new phase of my life approached, I decided it was time for a change. Therefore, in August I died my hair blond. Also, in regular Elise fashion, I spent about half the month in my favorite pair of overalls that my mom bought back in the 90’s. 








I instantly fell in love with La Crosse. Maybe it’s the well-known fact that “blonds have more fun”. Whatever it is, from my very first day, La Crosse felt like home. In September, I already began making close friends and exploring the city to find great places to hang out. One of my favorite parts of the school is that the student body keeps each other physically accountable. It’s a very active campus where nearly everyone utilizes our amazing Recreational Eagle Center! Still, staying active didn’t deter me from looking fabulous!









In October, the curls that directly framed my face had completely flattened out. For that reason, I made the very bold decision to cut them off and begin sporting my trademark bangs.

So many people are afraid to try bangs because they resemble the haircut we all had around age four. However, if you’re looking to try something new, I’d totally suggest bangs. I love mine but even if I hadn’t they would’ve eventually grown back anyways!

Also, my best outfit of October had to be my halloween costume. I dressed in a light brown tunic with brown leggings and a white faux fur vest and leg warmers. To complete the look, I bought a white clip on tail and antlers. I also wrapped two mini hair buns around the antlers and created a deer-ish make-up look to give the full effect!



November was a month of make-up trials. This was for two specific reasons. The first is that this blog began in November so I began experimenting more so that I’d have content! The second reason is that as the season transitioned to winter and the air became dryer, so did my skin. For that reason I began using coconut oil as moisturizer and spraying my face with Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, 4 oz.










This December, I spent the entire month dressed like it was Christmas in anticipation for the big day. Each day my class mates told me they appreciated my Christmas spirit. Yet, my proudest moment in December was when I won “Ugliest” sweater with an off-the-shoulder, Santa-themed sweater dress. 

Also, in December I trimmed my own bangs! Click below to see the video of how I did it!

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