How to Create the Perfect “Go Bag”

In a previous post I listed 8 habits to start in 2018 to become your best version of yourself. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! One of the habits I listed was to begin packing a “go bag” to carry from purse to purse so you’d never be caught without the essentials. I’ve also found that my go bag is a way for me to prevent stress. When I’m in class and my prof assigns a major assignment one way I can gain a sense of control is putting on lotion or lipstick. I mean, I may not be able to control my work load but at least I’m hydrated and look good, right?

In the following three simple steps I’m going to instruct you on how to create the perfect “Go Bag” without breaking the bank.

STEP 1: The Bag

So, in order to have a fabulous bag of necessities to transfer from one purse to the next, you need a bag. Roughly, you want a pouch the size of a small makeup bag or pencil case. Mine is actually an old ipsy pouch labeled “contents: pretty important stuff”. I couldn’t find that one for sale anywhere but I linked a similar one below. The most important thing is you find a small pouch that makes you happy!

STEP 2: The Top Ten Essentials

  1. Bobby Pins at least 4
  2. Hair Tie
  3. Nail Clippers preferably the type with a file under the handle
  4. Clear Nail Polish can stop nails from chipping or stop tights from running
  5. Mini-pack of Kleenex
  6. Safety Pins at least 3
  7. A Band-aid
  8. Tide-to-Go Pen
  9. Floss this is a great use for the mini pack that your dentist gives you at every checkup 
  10. A Pill Box I’ve combined mints, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol into one small pill box. In some peoples opinion, this may be unsafe. However, they are all different colors and I’m familiar with all three so I don’t have a problem with it. If you do, I’d suggest packing a small baggie with a few of each.

STEP 3: Brand Yourself

This is my favorite part. Certain products that you include should be unique to you. I can’t tell you to include my favorite color of lipstick because it may be completely wrong for your skin tone. Yet, that doesn’t mean I won’t take this opportunity to plug some of my favorite brands! Therefore, here are some products to consider to personalize your “go bag” and make it your own!

  • Chapstick/Lipstick honestly, this is probably the most used piece of my Go Bag. My favorite chapstick to keep in my Go Bag is Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dhalia. It’s super hydrating and has the slightest tint that looks really natural!


  • Lotion as you guys know, I live in Wisconsin where the air is really dry. In case you didn’t know, dry air leads to static-y hair and dry skin. For that reason, lotion is super important to me. I have really sensitive skin so I try to avoid lotions riddled with synthetic colors and fragrances. Therefore, I choose to use L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. PRO TIP: to eliminate hair static rub a small bit of lotion between your hands and run your fingers through your hair.


  • Gum find a flavor that suits you! Personally, I don’t have a favorite gum. However, studies show that chewing gum enhances focus. In fact, there are also studies out there that state that if you chew the same flavor of gum while studying and when you take the subsequent test, it will improve your retainment. So try some gum and find your flavor!


  • BONUS: Scrunchie This simple accessory is making a huge comeback! I’ve begun keeping a cream one with a bow on it in my go bag. When I feel like my outfit is a bit bland I just put it in my hair and feel like I’m much more put together.

I really hope that as you guys embark on your daily adventures with your Go Bag at your side you find as much value in it as I’ve found in mine!



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