This Summer’s Hottest Accessories (and the Bloggers that are Rocking them)

My favorite part of summer is how easy the fashion is. If you’ve got a slip dress and sandals, you’re set to go. Yet, we all know that sometime after the Fourth of July the charm of jean shorts and oversize tee shirt’s wears off. So, how do we beat the mid-summer wardrobe boredom blues?  My solution: ACCESSORIES.

In this post I’ll to outline the top 5  accessories of Summer 2018 that will transform your wardrobe and a few of the fashion bloggers that are totally rocking them.

Number 1: Silk Scarfs (styled by @caroline.chagnon)

Silk scarves are a great way to add a bit of color to any outfit. I love watching @caroline.chagnon style them in so many fun ways. Below you see her use one as a belt and as a hair accessory but I’ve also seen her tie one onto a purse! Silk scarves are so fun,  easy, and cheap!


***Quick tip*** you can find silk scarves at thrift shops for like $3!

Number 2: Accent Sunglasses (styled by @sophiaroe and @lolitamas)

Whether big or small, shaded or colored, sunglasses are taking the fashion world by storm! The right pair can make you look fabulously classy or just a bit shady (pun intended). My personal go-to is a pair of pink and yellow circular frames that make me feel like I belong at a Beatles concert.


Number 3: Straw (styled by @spiritedpursuit and @asiyami_gold)

Straw? What? Yes, you read that right! Straw accessories make any outfit, even a bathing suit, look natural and put together. Not to mention, when I adventured overseas earlier this summer, I bought a purse similar to  @spiritedpursuit‘s to prevent purse slashing (where thieves in subways and crowds cut a hole in a tourists purse to take its contents) since the thick wicker straw is harder to cut through than fabric. 


Number 4: Accent Earings (styled by @waityouneedthis)

I am buzzing about this years earn trends! Remember when feather hair extensions and earrings put the cool in middle school? Well they’re back with a radical twist. They’re bigger, fuzzier, and come with pretty stones and gold embellishments. Additionally, tassels of all forms, even sparkly, dangling gems (pictured below) can make an outfit look classier.


Number 5: Slide Sandals (styled by @taramichellebrose and @emmahill )

Personally, I was never athletic enough to rock Adidas slides, but these leather and embelished ones I can totally vibe with. These sandals are simple enough to be dressed up or down. Now to mention, their simplicity is super chic!


Those are my top 5 accessories for Summer 2018! I hope they help you get past those mid-summer wardrobe blues. What are your favorite accessories? Comment below and let me know!







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